Nome, Alaska Gossip!

What else is there to do in Nome? We all do it! So let's post it!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I can not wait for the stupid siren to stop blarring every time a musher comes in! What a piece of tourist-ie.

Tonight is the make your own bikini contest. I wonder who's going to win. I hear it's pretty crazy. We shall see....should I enter? What would I make? A bikini with beer bottles? Or how about the every popular pull-tabs? Sick...

There is an Iditarod love triangle in the making. A married woman who I believe is seperated from her husbad is messing around with one of the Nome-Golovin racers who is about 1/2 her age! On top of that he has a wonderful woman at home and a georgous little girl. Sad.

I'm so tired! It's hard to stay awake! IDITAROD.....PLEASE BE OVER!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We have a winner for the Iditarod. Big deal. I'm not a big fan of our version of Spring Break. I would rather look at palm trees than sled dogs. So many snobby people come up and almost ruin it for us locals.

The WET TSHIRT contest was last night. No word on who won....I wasn't there. My friend was supposed to call me but she has a friend in from out of town and when she has other friends around I'm a third wheel.... what a true friend huh?

Is customer service dead? Are manners a thing of the past? I went to the store yesterday and there was a man in my way so, I said very politely "Excuse me." Not once but twice. Did he budge? I am really hoping he's deaf. But he wasn't. So I barged past him angry wondering why people are so stupid. I was being nice....jerk.

And when I go to one of the major stores I get so appalled by the service given to me at the store. 9 times out of 10 the cashier barely says and audible "hello." They have big screens so they NEVER tell you the total....and when you get change back they NEVER count it back to you! If I had a choice I would shop elsewhere but, where is there to shop?????

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So I went to the wet buns contest last night. It was rigged! I don't think it should have gone the way it did. It was hilarious! I am surprised I have a voice today!

Let me tell you what happened last night. My friends and I were sitting practically on the stage and we needed and extra seat.....well there were these women from out of town and they were hogging the chairs....and STOLE one of ours......BIATCHES! I almost went totally GHETTO on their ass! You know when you come to Nome once a year do us a favor and don't act like you own the town! Just because you drop hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars here DO NOT come to Nome and be snobby....God I hate materialistic people!

So some gay guy won the wet buns contest....the guy who got second should of gotten first....and the guy who got third should have gotten second! The gay guy, LAST! He was fugly....he looked like a girl and he had his belly button pierced! OK!??? I was not impressed with last nights results!

The WET T-SHIRT contest is tonight. I went last year and I told a friend I was going 2night with her. But I won't...I need to do laundry!

Last years wet t-shirt contest was so gross. There was a girl who used to live here some time ago who was in it. She obiviously had implants and was a total skeeze on stage. She must work the poles or the streets in Anchorage cuz she knew what she was doing. BUT SHE LOST! hahahahahahahahaha! She was kinda creepy.bThe girl who did win is a preacher's daughter, a Southern Baptist preacher nonetheless! Go figure.

Jeff King is in to White Mountain....maybe he'll be here tonight. GO DEE DEE! I hope she does good and catches up to him.

Tune in for more.......................

Monday, March 13, 2006

I've created this blog for those who love gossip! I get mine from everywhere. Some true, some not! NO NAMES will be posted ever!

It's Iditarod time! Lock your wives, lock your daughters!

Iditarod basketball started yesterday. I don't know scores or I would post them. Not many teams came in this year. So sad.

The WET BUNS contest is tonight! Should I auction a water bottle? I will be there but more out of curiosity than neccessity! I've gone in the past but it seems as though more people are going this year.

Now for the gossip............

There is a couple of items to be pointed out. I heard through the grapevine that a married woman was messing around with a certain man. Oh my God, read that sentence again! This is NOME! What is new with that? Well this woman is kinda prominent and has been with her husband for some time. The man is someone who I think is kinda hot. (insert blush).....

There is a girl whom I know and she is always drunk. I don't know what to do! I would like to help her but then again I don't want to offend. I'm so affraid that she will end up in the Bering Sea and never heard from again.

I know I'll have juicy stuff this week....tune in!